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Established in 2019 in Vermilion, Alberta, Rural Women has become an instant staple in women's calendars. 

Due to its great success in the first year, the event was quickly marked as an annual industry-growing opportunity for agricultural females based in central/northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

The 2020 lineup of speakers engaged all 80 in attendance. In 2021 we will strive to captivate our audience, once again, with a wealth of educated and impactful speakers. 

Attendees left with their minds full of knowledge and inspiration, to bring back to their own rural operations. 

Industry leaders who attended the 2020 conference are excited to support Rural Women 2022. With a fantastic lineup of Keynote speakers and a setting perfectly designed for networking and learning, Rural Women 2022 will be nothing short of memorable

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns 

Feel free to Contact Us  

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Thank you for your involvement 

Kaylie Franklin- Event Coordinator 

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